AI-assisted artworks

Tabby cat, big breasts, pussy juice

Slightly revised on Clip Studio Paint and then upscaled on Pixelmator Pro.

masterpiece, best quality, solo, anthro, female, (tabby cat:1.2), (gray body), green eyes, pink nose, (long hair), black hair, (big breasts:1.5), erected nipples, (plump labia), pussy juice, (spread legs), by Michael & Inessa Garmash, Ruan Jia, Pino Daeni, iskra, personalami, scappo

Negative prompts
multiple characters, (cross-eyed:1.8), (bad anatomy:1.2), disfigured, mutated, mutation, (extra limbs:1.5), (missing limbs:1.5), (deformed hands), (malformed hands), (multiple breasts), (big areola:1.5), chubby, long neck, collaboration, simple background, low quality, poorly drawn, ugly, (cropped), blurry, depth of field, artist name, signature, text, watermark

Other values
Steps: 65, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 9, Seed: 2538896502, Size: 512×768, Model hash: 50ad914b