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Alternative usage of DEPTHY

Many reviews on the internet have introduced DEPTHY, a three-dimension viewer by applying a greyscale depth map— the brighter the farther, the darker the closer. You can use DEPTHY to create an animated GIF so the objects can repeatedly move horizontally, vertically or circularly. Meow is not going to show how to use it, but how to use it alternatively.


By darkening the area of a head on the depth map, a nodding animation can be created. Be sure about that the edge should be brighter so it looks more three-dimensional.

Miguel from Coco
Depth map

Bouncing boobs

Yes, DEPTHY can make breasts bounce if you apply a depth map according to the shape of breasts, although the steps could be more complicated. It is better to build a light grey shape of the body as the base, and darken the area of breasts so they could bounce more. If the shape of nipples is visible, applying two darker circles on them will make the nipples firmer.

Depth map
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