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Rough tests of Jpegli

Jpegli, a new JPEG coding library, does bring a significant compression ratio improvement, comparing to libjpeg-turbo and MozJPEG.

I selected 332 lossless non-photographic PNG images for some rough tests, on macOS Sonoma 14.4.1. The images were recorded after applied with ImageOptim‘s lossless optimisation for the minimal possible sizes, and Jpegli was directly from libjxl version 0.10.2.

The built-in JPEG library (quality at 90, supposed to be libjpeg-turbo?) encoded them to 174,095,425 bytes, MozJPEG (quality at 91) encoded them to 145,553,618 bytes, and Jpegli (quality at 92) encoded them to 128,006,534 bytes. That is about 26.5% smaller than libjpeg-turbo and 12% smaller than MozJPEG.

The quality values were tested initially with some images based on DSSIM, and the bonus 1 of MozJPEG and bonus 2 of Jpegli also reflected the latest benchmark by Jon Sneyers.

For fun, I tested Jpegli with XYB (–xyb), and the size becomes 112,809,722 bytes— even 11.9% smaller than conventional Jpegli. However, some softwares displayed thumbnails of XYB JPEG files with totally wrong colours.

Finder thumbnails

Even without XYB, Jpegli is still the most competitive choice for encoding JPEG images.

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petpet generator

You can use the generator to create an animation like that.

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Geekbench 6 results

Z370 AORUS Gaming 3
(i5-9600 & RX 580)
Single-core: 1518
Multi-core: 5856
Vulcan: 47772
OpenCL: 44511

(i5-9600 & RX 580)
Single-core: 1464
Multi-core: 5698
Metal: 47013
OpenCL: 42705

(Q8400 & HD 7850)

Single-core: 407
Multi-core: 1117
Vulcan: 17872
OpenCL: 19549

(Q8400 & HD 7850)

Single-core: 401
Multi-core: 1004
Metal: 22586
OpenCL: 18729

iPad mini (6th generation)
Single-core: 2134
Multi-core: 5365
Metal: 19591

iPhone XR
Single-core: 1292
Multi-core: 2042
Metal: 9245

iPad (6th generation)
Single-core: 844
Multi-core: 1060
Metal: 4544

MacBookPro9,2 (i5-3210M)
Single-core: 236
Multi-core: 778
Metal: *frozen
OpenCL: 532

MacBook4,1 (T8300)
Single-core: 328
Multi-core: 550

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macOS icon of Aether

I wanted to make my Dock look more comfortable so I made an icon for Aether by myself. You can try it now:

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解決方式只有強制重新開機,即依序 + 一下、- 一下、開關長按。今晚本來要採購,被這件事毀了。

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A week with iPad mini 6

I don’t work on a tablet, and I seldom use the portrait mode, so the jelly display isn’t an issue. I do gaming, web browsing, social networking, and watching videos on a tablet more. That’s why I ultimately bought an iPad mini 6 which display is just slightly narrower than my iPad (6th generation), but it’s still significantly smaller and lighter, good for gaming and using it on the bed. Genshin Impact runs especially well on my iPad mini 6 with consistent 60 FPS and the just warm temperature. However, a few apps, including Telegram and Alto series, are not very optimised and there are some minor UX issues. Overall, iPad mini 6 is a suitable tablet if your usages are like mine.

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Internet upgraded to 500M/50M

Since 30 April 2022, Meow’s internet speed is upgraded to 500M (downloading) / 50M (uploading), provided by TWM Broadband (台灣大寬頻). It was 60M/20M.

The following summary is generated by the command networkQuality -v which is introduced in macOS Monterey.

Upload capacity: 40.399 Mbps
Download capacity: 452.926 Mbps
Upload flows: 12
Download flows: 12
Responsiveness: High (1967 RPM)
Base RTT: 14
Start: 2022/4/30 16:34:52
End: 2022/4/30 16:35:02
OS Version: Version 12.3.1 (Build 21E258)

The result indicates a speed slightly slower than what speed testing websites suggested, but seems more realistic.

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Some benchmarks on Windows 11

Cinebench R23, Geekbench 5 and 3DMark benchmarks are tested on Meow’s primary computer on 11 October 2021.

OSWindows 11 (Build 22000.194)
CPUIntel Core i5-9600K (undervolted to 1.15V)
GPUGigabyte Radeon RX 580 GAMING 8G
(undervolted to 1.04V)
RAMCrucial 8GB DDR4-2666 UDIMM
SSDCrucial MX500 500GB

Unnecessary applications were closed before testing.

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MacBook4,1 with Source Han Sans

Recently Meow bought a used MacBook4,1 at a decent price, but the battery and display panel were broken. Meow disassembled a broken MacBook1,1 and reassembled the parts to that MacBook4,1, taking 7 hours.