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Alternative usage of DEPTHY

Many reviews on the internet have introduced DEPTHY, a three-dimension viewer by applying a greyscale depth map— the brighter the farther, the darker the closer. You can use DEPTHY to create an animated GIF so the objects can repeatedly move horizontally, vertically or circularly. Meow is not going to show how to use it, but how to use it alternatively.

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老Mac升級macOS 11.2提醒


  • AllowNvramResetTrue
  • BootProtect為 None




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Reminder for legacy Macs updating to macOS 11.2

According to the Dortania guidebefore updating OpenCore to 0.6.6, you should set these in config.plist:

  • AllowNvramReset to True
  • BootProtect to None

Then you have to reset NVRAM on your OpenCore menu. You have to press the Space key to show the option, or set HideAuxiliary to False in config.plist.

After booting to macOS again, update OpenCore to 0.6.6 and set MaxBIOSVersion (exclusive for legacy Macs) to True in config.plist. I strongly recommend updating OpenCore to 0.6.6 before updating macOS to 11.2 for Macs.

Besides, the latest OpenCore menu is now more genuine.

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  1. 下載patch-edid.rb的ZIP壓縮包並解壓縮
  2. 開啟終端機輸入ruby並拖入patch-edid.rb,看起來就像ruby /<path>/patch-edid.rb,然後按下回車鍵(確認鍵)
  3. 您會在/Users/<您的帳戶>/看到DisplayVendorID-xxxx檔案夾
  4. 拷貝到/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides/,而您應先行照此結構新增檔案夾
  5. 重新開機

這方法適用近年發行的macOS,含Big Sur(版本11),並不需要停用SIP或其他安全功能。

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Solution of colour banding on macOS

macOS may show colour banding on an external display. To solve the issue, we need to follow the steps:

  1. Download the ZIP package of patch-edid.rb and uncompress it
  2. Type in ruby in Terminal and drag patch-edid.rb so it will look like ruby /<path>/patch-edid.rb, and then press the return key
  3. You will find the folder DisplayVendorID-xxxx in the /Users/<your account>/ folder
  4. Copy the folder to /Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides/, and you should create the folders by yourself following the same structure first
  5. Restart your computer

This solution works for recent macOS versions including Big Sur (version 11) and does not require SIP or any security function disabled.

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Colour banding of WebP & AVIF

WebP has been promoted as the next-generation image format (for ten years!), and then its powerful competitor AVIF comes. Do they work as excellent as people’s expectations? Unfortunately, colour banding happens on both of the new image formats.

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Meow用Pixelmator 3.3發揚中華文化

Meow翻譯漫畫已將近兩年,完全純手工翻譯經典功夫熊貓漫畫《猶未為晚》(Better Late Than Never),這也是原畫家欽點的中文版,Meow也已翻譯了兩百多頁。

蘋果近期推出全新作業系統OS X Yosemite,美麗的半透明元素就像Meow那些穿白色泳衣的圖片一樣性感。當然不是只有外觀好,內在也好,第三方程式也更好,Meow慣用來改圖的Pixelmator就推出3.3,完美支援OS X Yosemite。