First Anniversary of Betrayal from the Chinese Artist

Some artist from China (the mainland region of the People’s Republic of China) communicated with Meow for the last time on 23 January 2020. It is now 24 January 2021, the first anniversary of Day 1 with zero communication with the artist. He (or his possible friend) uploaded a plenty of commissions on Fur Affinity in October 2020, and his friend contacted Meow privately for the issue of zero communication. Unfortunately, the actions did not eliminate the fact that he has been keeping ignoring his customers for one year.

With the terrible behaviours from the Chinese artist and how China did for hiding COVID-19 cases, how can we trust China anymore? Since many other Chinese artists are also arrogant on the internet, Meow hopes that at least all customers should stop commissioning any artwork to any Chinese artist. We do not need a group of people destroying the trust of our society.

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