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MacBook4,1 with Source Han Sans

Recently Meow bought a used MacBook4,1 at a decent price, but the battery and display panel were broken. Meow disassembled a broken MacBook1,1 and reassembled the parts to that MacBook4,1, taking 7 hours.

The only problem is charging very slowly (0.2W), but it does charge about 0.75% per hour. Swapping MagSafe boards did not solve the issue. However, the performance is not affected, proven by the Geekbench 3 result.

Original default Chinese system fonts (Heiti SC & TC) are replaced with Source Han Sans SC & TC, as the Heiti series looks horrible. To replace in Mac OS X Lion (the latest MacBook4,1 supports):

  1. Download Chinese language-specific OTFs
  2. Uncompress them and move the OTFs to /System/Library/Fonts/
  3. Edit /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/
  4. Replace all STHeitiSC-Light and STHeitiTC-Light with SourceHanSansSC-Regular and SourceHanSansTC-Regular
  5. Open Disk Utility and repair the system partition permission
  6. Reboot

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