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Meow’s personal website now operational

Meow announced that Meow’s personal website ‘Meow’ became operational on 23 September 2020. The URL of is now redirected to ‘Meow’. All contents related to Meow on the website Chita have been moved to ‘Meow’, but the links of original characters are kept for redirection to ‘Meow’.

All of the past and future commissioned artworks of Meow’s original characters will be posted on ‘Meow’ instead of Chita. Meow will also post original contents on ‘Meow’ including articles and possibly, original artworks. English and Chinese posts are separated, and in the future, adults contents will get their own exclusive category.

Powered by WordPress with the latest theme Twenty Twenty, ‘Meow’ features a plenty of modern designs and functions. The website is pretty responsive for all browsers on your desktop, tablet and phone. If you enable Dark Mode on your operating system, ‘Meow’ will automatically switch to Dark Mode. The commenting system on ‘Meow’ allows Disqus, Facebook, Google, Twitter, users to log in and reply. Moreover, you can subscribe ‘Meow’ and read the entire posts on your favourite news reader.

Chita is now completely separated from Meow’s contents, including the cover photos. They have been replaced by other five artworks drawn by Link2004 whom Meow has met several times. Chita will continue functioning as a collection for the best furry and some non-furry artworks that their artist do not prohibit sharing.

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