English Statements 聲明 becoming the only domain

The host of Meow is now completely moved to which becomes the only domain for it, following the retirement of Chita.

As CloudApp the primary image sharing host of Chita suddenly banned Meow’s account for the new terms of service, it is time to retire the uncompetitive website and focus on Meow. The service is still being continued on Meow’s Mastodon page with the hashtag #MeowSelections.

Although Chita will remain operational until 20 May 2021, there will not be any update for the website. If CloudApp purges the only few unaffected images before that day, Chita will be shut down earlier.

Meow will remain non-commercial just like Chita, but Meow will provide original contents only. Meow is planning on a new type of contents for furry fandom on Meow, but it is now confidential.

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Oh no! While I appreactiate that quality pics will still be provided through Mastodon, I suppose it means the enormous backlog of pictures on the old site will be irreversibly lost. Alas. 🙁

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