Reinvented Feralheart Raiment

This transmogrification set is not only for druids. This is the reinvented Feralheart Raiment for all druids, monks and rogues.

The original Feralheart Raiment is good, but it does not suit worgen females well. How can a dog head wear a crow hat? Getting all replica Feralheart armours requires 520 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, and you only have one week to gain every month. Therefore, there is the solution — we reinvented the Feralheart Raiment.

The reinvented Feralheart Raiment contains six incredible armours making your druid look amazing, and making your monk or rogue look like a druid very well. You only need to spend 130 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, 48g 35s and 1000 honour points on getting the vest, gloves, spaulders and belt from vendors. You can farm the kilt in the heroic Mana-Tombs and get the headdress from the auction house or a Big Crate of Salvage.

We replace the original crow hat with a headdress, so the helm part no longer looks weird for races with fur, including the pandaren, tauren and worgen. For making the colours more harmonous, we choose the more comfortable-looking belt and kilt.

However, the core of this reinvented Feralheart Raiment is not built by armours. To get it, you need to have a Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle or directly jump under a tree in your garrison to catch Pepe. The lovely bird on your head is revolutionarily suitable for the headdress and kilt, and an animal on your head makes the name of the reinvented Feralheart Raiment unbelievably valuable.

You can now view the reinvented Feralheart Raiment in the dressing room powered by Wowhead and get them in-game.

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