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Statement about HYH Lion

On 1 August 2022, I must admit that HYH Lion cannot (or is not willing to) continue my commission. This August is three years after his initial deadline he promised, so I decided to choose today as the end of torment.

The latest or last draft was given in October 2019, and after an over one-year disappearance, HYH Lion appeared again, described his personal difficulties, and promised to give a revised draft within a deadline many times. He gave nothing until his new disappearance.

Since early 2022, he has not given any response to my messages, although he posted several artworks on Fur Affinity recently. However, I am not sure about if the artworks were posted by himself, if they were finished this year, and if they are done by himself.

A decade-long trust between HYH Lion and me, unfortunately, is gone. He can still send me a new draft or a refund, but I will not remind him about the commission anymore.

However, the great ideas for this commission should not be wasted. I will try to finish it by myself, and I may seek another talented artist to complete it, with a cost higher than $179 (USD in 2019), a price equivalent to what HYH Lion received from me.

A mistake on an artwork can be fixed easily, a deadline for a commission can be negotiated easily, but a trust between an artist and a commissioner cannot be recovered easily. I do hope this kind of crises will not happen to anyone, anytime.


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