Digital Typhoon now completely available for Australian tropical cyclones

To Digital Typhoon, a Japanese typhoon database, you can also call it ‘Digital Cyclone’ now. After 8 years, it finally has contained all information from the entire BoM best track data, also featuring the fixed infrared satellite imageries with the Dvorak enhancement.

Track map of the 2013–14 cyclone season

Digital Typhoon already has been the best database of Pacific typhoons, based on the JMA best track data. You can browse the track, winds, pressure, positions, speed, satellite imageries, etc. of typhoons very easily without downloading anything. Now it is available to all Australian region tropical cyclones from 1907 to 2015.

From 1907 to 2015

The easier way to find out information for Australian tropical cyclones is to browse via the page Search by Date / Season. If you want to browse data of the 2009–10 season, you will see them by clicking the ‘2010’ one from the W. South Pacific list. The number ‘201001’, for example, means 01U of the 2009–10 season.

‘201001’ (01U), Severe Tropical Cyclone Laurence

Within the track maps, blue is for tropical lows, green is for category 1 tropical cyclones, yellow is for category 2 tropical cyclones, red is for all severe tropical cyclones, and cyan is for the unknown status. Some track data looks buggy, but it is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s own fault. The reason is that the BoM best track data is not as restrict as the JMA best track data.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Monica at peak intensity

One of the greatest features provided by Digital Typhoon is that you can view satellite images of Australian tropical cyclones since 1 March 1981, including animations. As all of those satellite images have the Dvorak enhancement, determining the intensity personally becomes much easier for earlier systems.

Thank you Dr. Kitamoto, the owner of Digital Typhoon. Without you, we cannot browse data of Pacific typhoons and Australian tropical cyclones that conveniently.

Dr. Asanobu Kitamoto (北本 朝展)
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